Design and Mattress Tips for a Loft Space

For many, living in an expansive loft space is an integral part of an urban lifestyle. Lofts are youthful, artsy and fun. In a loft space, you have plenty of room to expand your living space and truly relax.

Having a large open space also presents a great opportunity to have fun with interior design, artwork and the living layout. Often a loft space will allow you to create interesting room dividers using non-traditional building materials, interesting fabrics and custom furnishings.

Keep in mind that a loft space allows for an amazingly large bed such as our 7X7 San Francisco King. This bed has been a very popular mattress since we introduced it in June 2012. We offer it in our byDesign and Classic comforts, and every bed comes with its own mattress protector pad and sheet set.

7x7 San Francisco King by McRoskey Mattress

Here are some interesting tips from on decorating a loft space.

Don’t try to make the loft something it is not — a regular house with a warren of small rooms. If you’ve got a loft, celebrate it by keeping spaces open and uncluttered. The whole point of the loft is the space itself.

Be flexible in furniture arrangement  Furniture can float in the center of the room, including pieces like beds, that most people picture against a wall.

Be bold A dramatic loft space calls for dramatic furnishings. This means bold, usually large pieces (such as our 7X7 San Franciscso King mattress set) that make a statement that would be difficult to pull off in a smaller space. Go for big art and furnishings with strong sculptural lines.

7x7 San Francisco King by McRoskey Mattress

Choose multi-functional pieces— The furniture you choose will have to perform several duties, including, storage and room definition. So when choosing loft furniture, opt for bookcases and long, low credenzas that can act as room dividers while also hiding away books and tableware.

Error on the side of emptiness Lofts tend to appear even more stylish and authentic when they incorporate very little furniture.

Don’t rush it Lofts develop over time. They retain a clean, minimal look that edges toward funky. But the only way to achieve this look is to go slow. The perfect loft space doesn’t happen overnight.

Consider a loft a blank canvas, ready to absorb your signature style. Dive in!



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Answers to Your Sleep-Related Questions

Sleep is so important to our health and well being. Thus, it stands to reason that finding helpful answers to our questions about various sleep-related issues is essential. In this post we’ve provided you with links to various online articles that relate to sleep and health. We found these articles enlightening and hope you will too.

Sleep Apnea: Sleep apnea (AP-ne-ah) is a common disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep. This article from the National Institutes of Health provides a very thorough overview and also information on clinical trials.

Sleepwalking: Almost everyone has a story about a sleepwalking incident. What can cause sleepwalking? What can be done to manage it?  This article from PubMed Health can answer some of your questions on the subject.

Insomnia: According to this article from the World Sleep Foundation, insomnia is not by itself a disease but it is an occasional problem for over 70 million Americans. Poor sleep habits rather than poor health often the cause. However, insomnia is a key symptom of depression so action should be taken if it persists.

Dreams and Nightmares: Common features of sleep, dreams and nightmares are a constant source of intrigue for dreamers and scientists – and can also cause less restful sleep  This article from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine helps to explain why we dream and what can cause a nightmare.

Restless Leg Syndrome: Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a condition in which your legs feel extremely uncomfortable, typically in the evenings while you’re sitting or lying down.This condition can also impact sleep quality. This article from the Mayo Clinic provides background on what causes RLS and ongoing studies.

Sleep and Pregnancy: According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 1998 Women and Sleep poll, 78% of women report more disturbed sleep during pregnancy than at other times. Read this article to learn more about getting better rest during pregnancy. (On a related topic, read about how our popular Camille Pillow is a great for nursing moms and babies).

There are many issues that can impact the quality of our sleep.  The following organizations provide credible information about specific topics related to getting a better night’s rest and sleeping problems.

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How to Sleep to Improve Alignment and Help Alleviate Back Pain

San Francisco, Calif., September 20, 2012 – If you’re waking up with back pain, it may be due to the way you’re sleeping rather than a medical ailment. That’s according to renowned balance expert Jean Couch, founder of the Palo Alto-based Balance Center. “Misaligned bones create chronic tension,” Couch explains. “We can alleviate tension and pain by sitting, standing, bending and sleeping differently. Practicing proper alignment in bed takes stress off the joints and allows the muscles to relax for a more restful sleep.”

Couch offers these tips on optimal spine alignment during sleep.

  • Sleep in an elongated position, not in a ball. This lengthens the spine and increases moisture and nutrition to spinal discs.  In Couch’s experience,  people often curl up because of back pain.   An elongated alignment promotes a healthy back.
  • When sleeping on your side, place the upper arm on hip or side. If the arm drops forward, consider putting a pillow under the armpit. This widens the shoulder girdle and aligns the entire shoulder area.
  • Position your pillow properly. If lying on your side, your pillow should be positioned as high as your shoulder is wide.  If the pillow is too low, your head will drop down and your neck will kink; if too high, it will push the head up.  Either situation is hard on the neck and spine.
  • Make sure your pillows can be shaped to provide the right support. Couch says she sleeps with two down pillows from McRoskey. “I can shape the down pillows depending on my comfort needs at the moment. No foam or pre-shaped pillows for me.”
  • Back sleepers should create a wedge shape with their pillow, with more height and dimension toward the top of the head. This forces the chin down and lengthens the neck, decreasing snoring and possibly helping with sleep apnea. The wedge shape also helps to relax the lower back.

Learn more about the Balance Center and Jean Couch’s work at

About McRoskey Mattress Company

McRoskey Mattress Company has been handcrafting mattresses and box springs in San Francisco, California since 1899. Mattresses are available in standard and custom sizes. McRoskey has showrooms in Palo Alto and San Francisco. or Facebook or Twitter: @McRoskey.


Media Contact:

Dianne Newton-Shaw
The Placemaking Group
510-835-7900 x 206

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Walking Out a McRoskey Mattress

Jumping on your bed. As a kid you loved jumping on your bed  (although your parents probably wagged a finger and said, “No more monkeys jumping on the  bed!”)  What if you could do it as a grown-up and make a living at it?

At the McRoskey mattress factory  jumping on the mattresses is part of the process!  It is in the  job description of our mattress filler, Rueben Reynosa.   We call it “walking out” the mattress.  This unusual but very necessary step happens after a mattress is filled  with layers and layers of cotton, polyester or wool batting but before it is tufted.  Walking out a mattress in a checkerboard pattern – up and down the length of the mattress  and  back and forth across its width – is the initial effort in compressing  all those layers of our very responsive  filling materials.

Unlike childhood bed-jumping fun, walking out a mattress at the factory is strenuous work.  Mattress filler  Rueben notes that the process is like “walking in sand” – and if you’ve ever taken part in a beach workout, you know how difficult that can be.  He spends about five minutes walking out one side of the mattress before flipping it over and walking out the other side.

Take a closer look at how McRoskey mattresses are made, you can check out the entire process here.


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Sleep on This: Good Books About Sleep

Reading and sleep just naturally go together.  To take this partnering a step further, here are three books that provide interesting advice on getting good sleep and rest for adults and children.  Please note that we do not endorse these books but are providing them as an informational resource.

Sleeping Through the Night, Revised Edition: How Infants, Toddlers, and Their Parents Can Get a Good Night's Sleep


Sleeping Through the Night, Revised Edition: How Infants, Toddlers, and Their Parents Can Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Drawing on her ten years of experience in the assessment and treatment of common sleep problems in children, Dr. Jodi A. Mindell provides tips and techniques, the answers to commonly asked questions, and case studies and quotes from parents who have successfully solved their children’s sleep problems. Dr. Mindell also offers practical tips on bedtime training and shows how all members of the family can cope with the stresses associated with teaching a child to sleep.



Can’t Sleep, Can’t Stay Awake: A Woman’s Guide to Sleep Disorders by Meir H. Kryger

Can't Sleep, Can't Stay Awake: A Woman's Guide to Sleep Disorders“Can’t Sleep, Can’t Stay Awake” will help the reader understand why and provide answers to their sleep problems.Written in a clear, easy-to-read style, and packed with useful case studies, this book covers wat healthy sleep is and how much we should be getting every night; sleep problems unique to women; how family, psychological conditions, and the 24/7 world can cause sleep problems; and, how to combat specific disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia that may be causing your symptoms.




Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night by Barry Krakow

Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night Sound Sleep, Sound Mind focuses on all the causes–mental, emotional, and physical–that contribute to insomnia and poor sleep. This book explains why sleep problems are almost always a mind and body issue, and then takes the reader through the seven steps of Sleep Dynamic Therapy to identify and treat the specific problems that are at the root of sleeplessness.

For more books on sleep and various topics related to sleep visit the National Sleep Foundation website.

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An Antique Bedstead Gets a Custom McRoskey

Winston Antique Bed with custom McRoskey MattressAt McRoskey we create custom mattresses for all types of bedsteads, from beautiful antiques to commissioned handcrafted furniture pieces. We work closely with designers and also directly with customers to make their special bed a reality. Here is a quick look at a custom mattress set we built for one of our San Francisco customers.

This antique bedstead is a treasured family heirloom. The mattress and box spring were built to order to fit the special size of 60″ X 75″, with four cut-out corners on each piece.  In addition, the box spring has a special height of 6″ and a custom recessed bottom.







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Tips for Taking Care of Your Mattress

San Francisco, Calif., August 24, 2012 – Often overlooked, taking care of your mattress and box spring will help to ensure lasting comfort and an optimal return on your mattress investment.

Here are several easy-to-follow tips for mattress care.

1. Flip and Rotate: This is no old wives tale. It’s important that a mattress be flipped and rotated at regular intervals throughout the year. McRoskey Mattress Company recommends flipping a mattress in the winter and summer (head end to foot end) and rotating it in spring and fall. A box spring requires once-a-year rotation. As a unique customer service, McRoskey sends a friendly reminder when it’s time to flip or rotate a mattress.

2. Protect Your Mattress: Use mattress protector pads to keep your mattress clean, dry and free from stains. Introducing any liquid into the mattress can mat the filling materials inside, causing a depression, and possibly rusting the springs. Use either an all-cotton mattress protector pad alone or in combination with a waterproof mattress protector for maximum protection.

3. Cleaning Spills and Stains. As noted, the first defense against spills (and stains) is to use a mattress protector pad. If you didn’t use a mattress protector pad follow these steps to clean a spill.

  • For liquid spills that soak into a mattress or box spring, use towels to blot. Apply gentle pressure to absorb the liquid. Do not press the liquid into the mattress.
  • Cleaning Stains: Use a mild soap with damp cloth, cold water solution or a spray carpet cleaner.

Let the mattress or box spring dry completely before dressing the bed.

4. Use Proper Support: Use a bedframe with rigid center support that supports the head, foot, sides and center of the mattress and box spring. If using bed slats with a mattress and box spring, use at least three rigid, no-sag slats.

5. Stay Ahead of Mildew: Be sure your mattress and box spring have good air circulation around and under the bed.  Air the mattress and brush or vacuum the top when possible.

About McRoskey Mattress Company

Family owned and operated, the McRoskey Mattress Company has been handcrafting mattresses and box springs in San Francisco, California since 1899. McRoskey mattresses are available in standard and custom sizes.  McRoskey has showrooms in San Francisco and Palo Alto. or Facebook or Twitter: @McRoskey.





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Make Your Bedroom a Comfortable Place

I love the event of getting into bed at the end of the day. Feeling the embrace of my mattress (McRoskey byDesign of course) and the touch of cotton percale sheets, tugging on my camel hair blanket so it’s under my chin and positioning my pillows for comfy head and neck support.

Other  aspects of my bedroom that lend comfort have nothing to do with my bedding.

  • Bedroom French doors open into a small shade garden with a few favorites: A statue of St Francis stands under the shade of pittosporum; a Buddha is surrounded by the leaves of a Japanese Painted Fern. I wonder if St. Francis and Buddha converse. I’m lucky to have nature a step away from the bedroom.
  • A ladder back chair in my bedroom since childhood days belonged to a grandmother. It’s an old friend by now and a reminder of happy days spent in my childhood bedroom.
  • A shelf of mementos displays my mother’s wristwatch resting in a porcelain dish that has a blue bird perched on its edge (that pretty little dish belonged to my godmother). My father’s wedding ring and my grandmother’s tortoise shell thimble are placed alongside a collection of small photos — my best friend Susan from fourth grade; my in-laws dressed for a Wild West party; my friend Sandra at age four, a collection of mother and daughter pictures look out into the room.

I encourage you to take the time to gather your treasures and make your bedroom a truly comfortable place.

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10 Reasons McRoskey is on 10 Best Mattress List

National Geographic 10 BEST of EverythingThe newest edition of National Geographic’s 10 Best of Everything includes McRoskey Mattress Company on the 10 best mattresses list. This is an endorsement that we happen to think is well deserved.

So we came up with our 10 best reasons to buy a McRoskey:

1. Locally Made.  At our factory in San Francisco’s Central Waterfront District we control the manufacturing, the materials, and the craftsmanship for an extraordinary product and a superb customer experience.

2. Time tested. Because we’ve always made our own components including the innerspring unit, the fiber filling, the box spring construction, we know how to achieve comfort that makes for a cool sleep and provides supple support.

Image of McRoskey beds in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase

3. It’s all in the details. Crimped coils, airleted sidewalls, strong handles, hemmed panels are just a few of the construction details that result in comfort that lasts.

4. The box spring is important. It provides pressure absorbing support. You’ll miss it if you don’t have it!.

5. Quality materials matter. We look for the best in cotton, wool, natural rubber latex and woven ticking.

6. Comfort. Choose from a range of comforts from extra gentle to extra firm.

7. Customize. We can build to special widths, lengths, box spring heights, cut out corners.

8. Generations of happy customers.  Our customers tell us they simply LOVE their McRoskey mattress. Read their love notes here.

9. Simply the best customer service.

10. More than a century of experience. Since 1899, every McRoskey mattress has been made carefully, lovingly, and almost completely by hand in San Francisco. Through earthquakes and all manner of other events, our craftsmen and women have and always will be dedicated to making the world’s most comfortable bed. Read our history here.

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Specifying a Mattress for a Sleeper Sofa

Next week I will have the pleasure of talking about one of my favorite things — McRoskey mattress manufacturing and our custom mattresses — to a group of designers and furniture industry professionals.

I’ll be speaking at an event called How to Build and Specify Custom Furniture, Bedding and Drapery Day on July 17.  Sponsored by fine furnishings representative Rafe Bethell & Associates, the event will be held at the Hayward, CA factory of fellow San Francisco Bay Area manufacturer Cypress Furniture.

What fun! My presentation will focus on how to specify a custom mattress for a pull-out sleeper sofa. For show and tell, we will have a McRoskey Queen sofa bed mattress displayed in a Cypress pull-out sofa. A beautifully upholstered sofa bed paired with our incredibly comfortable McRoskey sleeper sofa mattress is a terrific combination.

I’m truly delighted to be presenting to our partners in the interior design and home furnishings trade. This is a great opportunity to inform area designers  about what makes McRoskey so special.


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