Making a Luxurious Bed: Frette and McRoskey

Silvi Leonardi, manager of Frette Stanford stopped by the McRoskey showroom to offer up her best tips on how to create a beautiful, luxurious and functional bed. Silvi equates making the perfect bed to a recipe. The pillows, mattress, and accessories are the ingredients, and as she puts it, “The better quality of the ingredients, the better the results.” What a wonderful thought!

Here are her primary thoughts on creating the luxurious bed, that is also great for sleeping and resting comfortably.

  • A bed must appear soothing and inviting.
  • When choosing bedding, simple is often best. For example, ivory and white go well with almost every accent color and that is a great way to start.


  • Silvi suggests having a number of pillows for the most luxurious sleeping experience.
  • Pillows that are firmer and more square should go in back to prop you up while using your laptop or watching TV in bed.
  • Use basic rectangular pillows to sleep on.
  • Keep a small pillow in front for napping or lounging.


  • Have a variety of textures in a well-made, luxurious bed.
  • A good quality headboard will usually be velvet, leather, or linen.
  • The sheets should be 100% cotton, and it’s important to have some accent textures, such as silk, linen, or quilted cotton, and cashmere or wool for a throw. (She suggests a nice fur throw for more romantic occasions, as the softness of the fabric is very important in those instances.

In essence, says Silvi, “the secret to a well-made bed is the bedding should be for every occasion and the accessories will make the difference,”

And, of course, the foundation of every luxurious bed is a luxury mattress from McRoskey, says Silvi.  We agree. Here is a video of Silvi’s presentation.

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A Bed to Match Your Lifestyle

Reading. Playing on an iPad or tablet computer.  Making a daily list of things to do. Writing a letter. Working on a puzzle or word game. Watching a movie. Or simply resting or relaxing.

Lifestyle adjustable bed

Being able to work or play in comfort is one reason why the adjustable bed is growing in popularity among consumers of all ages. Also called an articulating bed by some, including our interior designer friend Fawni Hill, C.I.D., of Larick Alan Hill Architecture + Interior Design, a moveable bed and a lifestyle bed, the adjustable bed allows you to recline comfortably with the touch of a button.

Along with offering a more comfortable reclining position while winding down for a good night’s sleep, an adjustable bed also offers several health and wellness benefits.

  • Improved Circulation. With an adjustable bed you can reduce the amount of gravity and optimize blood flow. This can help to relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Less Tension on Muscles and Joints. An adjustable bed allows you to provide proper, customized support to different areas of your body including: Neck and head, lower back, legs and knees, and your feet and ankles.
  • Pressure Relief. With the option to change reclining or sleeping position, the lifestyle bed can help to reduce pressure on problem areas.
  • Optimal Breathing. An adjustable bed is one way to maintain optimal breathing which has been shown to aid in better rest and relaxation, improved skin tone and reduced stress.
  • Reduced Snoring. An adjustable bed can elevate your head and neck to open air passages and reduce snoring.
  • Reduced Acid Reflux. Being more upright can help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux such as heartburn and stomach discomfort.

And with all these health and lifestyle benefits, today’s adjustable bed can be designed to be as attractive as a regular mattress and box spring set.  See the image here for the proof!

You'd never guess there's a McRoskey mattress on an adjustable bed base undercover here!

Photo courtesy of Fawni Hill, C.I.D., of Larick Alan Hill Architecture + Interior Design.
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Free Power Nap On Us

This Pillow promotion ended on March 25, 2012.

Please check our home page to see what is new at McRoskey or click here to sign up for our email and receive timely notifications of our next special. >>

Power Nap On Us and enter to WIN a luxurious pillow

Stop by our San Francisco or Palo Alto Showroom, take a power nap on us and we’ll enter you to win a luxurious McRoskey pillow.

Two drawings at each showroom:

March 18, 2012 and March 25, 2012


No purchase necessary.  Learn more about our fantastic pillows and handcrafted mattresses made in San Francisco.





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Marin Designers Showcase

Two excellent Bay Area designers – Cecilie Starin and Applegate Tran Interiors – chose to include McRoskey mattresses ‘under covers’ in their Marin Designers Showcase bedrooms. Both bedrooms are beautifully designed and offer new ideas for color, bedding, furnishings and accents.

You can visit the Marin Designers Showcase January 31 – February 26, 2012. Proceeds from the event go to Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership.

Luxury mattress at Marin Designers Showcase

Cecilie Starin Bedroom,  McRoskey Mattress and Box Spring ‘under covers’ is a Queen-sized Extra Gentle set.  What a stunning view!

McRoskey luxury mattress undercovers at the Marin Designers Showcase.

Applegate Tran Interiors bedroom at the Marin Designers Showcase features a California King McRoskey byDesign Mattress and Box Spring set.



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Secrets of a Well-Made Bed

During the month of romance join us for an event to learn the “Secrets of a Well-Made Bed”.

What could be more romantic than a luxuriously made bed.  Silvi Leonardi from Frette Stanford will show you how to create this luxurious comfort. Jill Bibo from McRoskey Palo Alto will provide the luxurious beds.

Sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres

Thursday, February 23
5 – 7 pm

McRoskey Mattress Company – Palo Alto
220 Hamilton Avenue at Emerson
RSVP: (650) 327-1966

Frette, the well-made bed


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We Love Our Employees!

There is nothing like getting a good night’s sleep, and nothing better than getting a good night’s sleep on a locally made, handcrafted McRoskey mattress set. I am very proud of the fact that our mattresses are known here in San Francisco and throughout the world for the great attention to detail that goes into  handcrafting every single one of them. And it is because of our talented factory employees and our dedicated customer service team that we are able to consistently manufacture such a high quality product and command such a loyal customer following,  We appreciate each of our 36 employees every day for their great work.

Continue reading

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Benefits of Napping

Grab a Quick Nap to Recharge, Look Fresher, Feel Better (But Not to Replace A Good Night’s Sleep)

There is a distinct pleasure in taking a short nap during the day, and there are several very good reasons to nap beyond it being such an awesome pure and guilt-free experience.  According to various sources, grabbing a few winks, especially on a really comfortable mattress and box spring set like our McRoskey byDesign, has distinct health benefits. Continue reading

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Bedroom Design: Keep It Comfortable and Calming

Shannon Jue is a Senior Designer with The Wiseman Group, one of San Francisco’s most venerated and recognized interior design firms.  Shannon knows about McRoskey through the attentive service the Wiseman Group provides to every client.

“Whenever our clients ask for our input on a mattress we recommend McRoskey,” she says. She adds that McRoskey fits in with the custom approach that The Wiseman Group and its design team take with every assignment. “Whatever the project requires, we source it, down to the detail of coasters. We always look for ways to personalize our design.”

Why McRoskey? Several reasons. Shannon says this family owned business makes its mattresses locally; mattresses are made to order using quality filling materials including, cotton, wool, natural rubber latex with the McRoskey durable but supple innerspring unit

Although there is no formula for design as no two projects are ever the same, Shannon offers these thoughts for creating a pleasing bedroom environment:

  • Buy a comfortable McRoskey mattress and box spring.
  • Buy quality bedding, beautifully made.
  • Use a color palette that creates a sense of calm and balance.
  • Incorporate furnishings that are client appropriate.
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A Holiday Gift to Remember

I love hearing and telling stories about how our customers have surprised a family member or special someone with a gift of a mattress from McRoskey.

A McRoskey "mattress" in a box!

Here’s a holiday story that is a favorite of mine. A gentleman rushed into our San Francisco showroom on Market Street on Christmas Eve. He was planning on giving his wife a bed from McRoskey Mattress as a Christmas gift. However, since each of our mattresses is made to order, our customer couldn’t actually present his wife with the real deal of the McRoskey mattress on Christmas Day.

Clearly under stress, he asked us if we could come up with something fun for his wife to unwrap that would represent our mattress.  “Of course!” we said and here’s what we created. We went into the factory and grabbed a small section of innerspring coils that we had made for a mattress, pulled some cotton filling used in the mattress and put it all in a box wrapped with a big bow.  Voila!

The result? A happy customer and a delighted wife on Christmas Day.


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You Just Never Know Where You’ll Find A Loyal McRoskey Customer

(take Western Nevada for instance…)

J.T.'s Basque Restaurant, Gardnerville, Nevada

Through an interesting turn of events, my McRoskey coworker Tony and I discovered J.T.’s, a most wonderful Basque restaurant in Gardnerville, Nevada. This place and its people are so special we now make a regular pilgrimage to it

We learned about J.T.’s Basque Restaurant through its Basque co-owner, Marie Louise L. Marie Louise visited our San Francisco showroom in 2003 to buy a McRoskey mattress. She and Tony, also of Basque heritage, started talking and he was as delighted to learn of her Basque restaurant as she was to be the proud new owner of a McRoskey mattress. Now Marie Louise refers people to McRoskey all the time.

Gardnerville is 350 miles from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco and sits next door to Minden and Genoa in western Nevada’s beautiful Carson Valley, nestled against the sheer eastern face of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Since we have started visiting the area we’ve met other loyal McRoskey mattress owners in all three towns.

For example, Minden residents Mr. and Mrs. H., own the local airport, and at least eight McRoskey mattresses, one for each of the eight bedrooms of their large home.

Also in Genoa right next door, Jonna M. shares this strong connection to McRoskey.  As an owner of a South Lake Tahoe motel in the 1960s, she outfitted every room with a McRoskey mattress.  An interesting side note — Jonna’s mother worked in the office of the McRoskey Mattress Company in the 1920s.

As they say, it is a small world (filled with lots of happy McRoskey customers), indeed.

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