SF Made is more than a nice idea

Back when McRoskey first started making mattresses in 1899, “Made in the U.S.” wasn’t an option. There just wasn’t the technology to transport materials and products from around the world.  Today is a different story.  But there are new reasons to buy locally made products, including supporting the local economy with jobs.  Also buying local reduces our footprint and frankly you get a better product made by real people.

To help celebrate and educate the public about the benefits of Made in San Francisco there is an organization called SF Made.  McRoskey is a proud sponsor and active participate in their operations.  On Wednesday (May 25, 2011) our San Francisco Showroom will be the site of the annual SFMade fundraiser.  It will be an enjoyable evening with samples and products from a variety of companies who, like McRoskey still manufacture their product in San Francisco.  See you there.  For tickets go to SFMade.org.


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