What Happens to Those Old Mattresses?

Here at McRoskey, we are true believers in the importance of recycling old mattresses. Every mattress that is taken apart and its materials reused is one less mattress that is taking up space in a landfill.

Here’s our process for mattress recycling. When a customer’s new McRoskey mattress set is locally delivered, McRoskey picks up their old mattresses and box springs for teardown and recycling. McRoskey sends the old mattresses to a transfer station where product is directed to DR3, a mattress teardown facility just across the bay in Oakland, California.

At DR3 the tear-down effort separates mattress and box spring components into bundles of filling materials, fabric, wood and wire.  These bundled materials are then sent to various facilities, which are not part of the mattress industry, for reuse.

In 2010, DR3 diverted over 2,500 tons of material from local landfills.  McRoskey continues to direct old mattresses and box springs to tear down facilities such as DR3.

Complimentary mattress recycling with purchase from Mcroskey Mattress Company

NOTE:  In Honor of Earth Day April 22, 2012, McRoskey is offering complimentary mattress recycling to local customers on mattresses purchased in April.


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